Titanium Super Plastic Forming

VerTechs enterprises utilizes San Diego Welding and Forming’s patented 2nd generation Superplastic Forming (SPF).  This is the most technologically advanced high-temperature forming method for titanium.

Our patented forming process is done in a vacuum furnace, therefore keeping any possible contaminants out of the Titanium and essentially eliminating any post processing or chem-milling.

  • Process is ultra-clean; the ultra-uniform thermal environment results in outstanding quality and repeatability.
  • Proprietary technology gives superior dimension tolerances with half the thinning of other processes.
  • Patented tooling sets new size standards, virtually no size limitations.
  • Allows for complex shapes.  Deep drum, zero negative draft and .3T bends possible.
  •  Process is applicable for other metals such as Inconel, Aluminum, ODS alloys and Y-Aluminums.