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Light Weight Sandwich Structures for Aerospace Applications

VerTechs Enterprises is an aerospace Research & Development / Manufacturing Company with new technologies that vastly improve the efficiencies of traditional sheet metal.

Although the company was not officially formed until 2007, many decades of aerospace research and development were incorporated to achieve its unique technologies.

Acknowledging the industry’s needs for fuel efficiency, reduced emissions and noise pollution restraints – our technologies are having a significant impact in the aerospace industry.

BrazeFoil Honeycomb Sandwich Structures

Patent Number US6544623

  • BrazeFoil Honeycomb process enables better fit up between honeycomb and inner and outer skins
  • High quality bonding between honeycomb and skins due to the controlled braze process
  • Tapered sandwich panels for Net Shaped Parts
  • The sandwich material can be formed without premature bond failure after brazing


High Thermal Conductivity BrazeFoil Honeycomb Sandwich Structures

Patent Pending

  • Introducing a layer of copper to the superalloy honeycomb cell structure allows for the heat transfer of the hot skin to the cold skin, which reduces the Delta-T at the surface area of the skin thus negating Thermal Deflections!


Other Proprietary Materials that we will disclose at a later date